The police received a report of a fight between what is believed to be two groups on Trosterud in Oslo on Friday evening. A firearm was seized.

This weekend will not go by without new reports of fights, violence and the use of weapons. It is often the same crime scenes that repeat themselves, with the participants also seeming to repeat themselves.

It is about young people and groups of young men, in environments dense with immigrants.

Yet again, Trosterud has the first report of the weekend’s violence, starting on the Friday evening.

The police reported a major fight between several people on Trosterud at about 21:30, east of Oslo. They received a report that a knife or other stabbing weapon had been observed.

No one was reported to be injured, but a firearm was found. It says something about a serious intent, these are not innocent boy pranks and everyday banter.

We are still in the area, we have searched for those involved with several patrols. We have checked several people in the area. We have seized a firearm in the area. No one has been reported or found injured after the fight, the Oslo police updated an hour later.

The police did not provide further information about those involved. Strictly speaking, it may no longer be necessary.

Trosterud in particular has been in the media in connection with firearms in the past, then it ended significantly worse.

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