Canada: Hijab-wearing mothers cheer for children who stomp on LGBTQ flags
Arnt Jensvoll 13.06.2023 09:53

A pride parade in the Canadian city of Ottawa got out of control earlier this month. Children indulged in stomping on rainbow flags as their mothers cheered them on.

Leave our children alone, says a mother into the camera.

Children well prepared

The parade got out of hand after it was announced that Ottawa’s teachers will in future address students with gender-neutral pronouns.

Protesters removed rainbow flags draped along the street and children, led by hijab-clad mothers, appeared well prepared as they set out to trample them.

Last year Muslims also protested against LGBTQ measures in schools.

In Ottawa, the parents of the pride participants shouted “leave the children alone”. The police eventually calmed the situation down.

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