A health centre in England gave new parents questionnaires asking if they considered their babies to be transgender or non-binary.

A form offered by a Birmingham GP practice to new parents asked them if they considered their child to be either ‘male (including trans male)’, ‘female (including trans female)’, ‘non-binary’, ‘other’ (not listed)’ or ‘not stated’.

One woman shared a screenshot of the form and posted it on Twitter: “So my mate recently had a baby and had to register this precious new life. This is the newborn registration form she is facing.” “I think she’s going to register the baby as Other = dinosaur gender,” she joked.

Woodgate Valley Health Center insisted the form was used by new patients of all ages who want to register, not just newborns. They told The Sun newspaper that there was a “standard new patient registration form for any new patient” which “includes but is not limited to parents registering a newborn baby”.

Free Speech Union director Toby Young calls this “an invitation to woke parents to force their crazy ideas about sex and gender on their newborns”. He said: “Wouldn’t it be more responsible of this GP practice to refer parents who can’t judge the sex of their babies by looking at their genitalia to a psychiatrist?”

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the form is not part of a wider policy from the National Health Authorities (NHS). Each local clinic, on the other hand, has the option of adding more gender options to their own forms.

Breitbart News claims that British healthcare has increasingly become infected with politically correct culture, so-called woke. They have previously been criticised for adopting gender-neutral language on the health advice website, including removing references to women on the ovarian, uterine or cervical cancer pages.

Britain’s public health service NHS has also been at the forefront of the transgender movement. Their Tavistock Center and Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) have been accused of offering puberty-blocking drugs to children after as little as one consultation. The centre is now in disrepute and is to be closed for failing to protect children’s safety. They are facing lawsuits from over 1,000 families for allegedly misdiagnosing their children as transgender.

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