On Monday morning, a young person was taken to hospital after being involved with ugly violence at a school in Trondheim. Two gangs of young people are said to have fought each other.

Investigative leader in Trøndelag police district, Kristian Mørkved, reports on the case to VG.

NTB reports on the matter on Monday evening.

The head of the investigation says that around six people under the age of 16 were involved in the incident and that one of these was so badly injured that he was taken to hospital.

We have no information about the extent of the injuries. We have been in contact with the school and it is an active case. Two of the people involved have been questioned and we are following up with further questioning, says Mørkved.

There are several suspects in the case. The police say it seems that two groups have been involved.

This type of violent clashes between youth groups in the school yard is now relatively common in Sweden, but it seems to be making inroads into Norway as well.

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