TV2 gives a very gloomy outlook for Ap before the autumn elections. A forecast shows that the bourgeois parties are close to a majority in 35 of the 50 largest municipalities in Norway.

New stones are constantly being added to the burden of the Labor leadership. They may be about to steer the party into a historically bad election.

This is evident from a forecast TV 2 published on Wednesday evening.

NTB reports further.

Today, 32 of the 50 largest municipalities are governed by Labor mayors. The recent forecast, which is based on Kantar’s municipal barometer for June, shows that very few of these are likely to keep their jobs.

Only seven out of 50 municipalities have a red-green majority in the forecast. These are crisis figures for Ap and its leader Jonas Gahr Støre.

In both the capital and Bergen there is a bourgeois majority, while the forecast still shows a red-green majority in Trondheim. But even there the majority is in danger.

In the capital, it is likely to be very even. In TV2’s survey, the bourgeois side leads with only one mandate. Thus, it is still open whether Raymond Johansen will be allowed to continue as city council leader in Oslo.

If the forecast is correct, the Conservative Party will almost double its city council group. At the same time, there is tension as to who the Liberal Party, which currently sits on the city council with the Labor Party, will work with after the election.

In Stavanger too, a clear blue majority is likely. In this forecast, the Conservative Party gets a whopping 38.1 per cent in the oil city. Before incumbent Labor mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun took over in 2019, the Conservative Party had governed the city since 1995.

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