Almost half of the respondents answered in a survey that the changes in the economy affected their holiday plans, with a third of these dropping out of their planned trip abroad.

Norwegians find that they generally get less for their money than before. Rising inflation and a weak krone exchange rate are key reasons for this.

Document recently wrote about this also in another article, see below.

Now there is a survey that shows how weaker finances concretely affect everyday life for the individual.

NTB reports.

In the survey carried out by Respons Analyze on behalf of the insurance company Fremtind, 47 per cent state that changes in the economy affect holiday plans for the summer.

Half of these choose a lower holiday budget. 36 percent of them drop the trip abroad altogether, deciding to stay at home.

Several customers have got in touch because they want to cancel their holiday, the insurance company states. The reason for the cancellations is the combination of a weak krone, price increases and concern for one’s own finances, it is stated.

We are now receiving more cases from customers who have got cold feet and want to cancel their summer holiday. They realise they can’t afford to travel anyway. We are seeing a clear increase in inquiries after more and more media warned against a weak krone and record expensive foreign holidays, says communications manager Anette Grønby Rein at Fremtind, the insurance company of Sparebank 1 and DNB.

Unless the cancellation occurs as a result of acute and unexpected serious illness, accident or injury, the travel insurance does not apply.

Most people will probably manage just fine without that holiday trip abroad this summer. But holiday habits are a fairly telling barometer of the state of people’s finances, saying something about expectations for future developments.

In this sense, it can hardly be said that the Norwegian authorities are currently doing a particularly great job with regard to managing the Norwegian economy.

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