Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin says that Russian forces are fleeing the fighting in Bakhmut. He also complains about the lack of supplies of ammunition.

This is reported by NTB.

Prigozhin, who heads the notorious mercenary company, released a video at the same time as the military parade in Moscow on Victory Day.

In the video, he says that the Russian state is unable to defend the country. Vladimir Putin said in his speech on Tuesday that Russia is under real attack.

The Wagner boss has been in conflict with the Ministry of Defence, accusing them of not sending enough ammunition.

We should have received ammunition by now, but that has not happened, says Prigozhin.

He also complains about the Russian forces, who are fleeing the fighting.

For several weeks we have been hearing that Bakhmut has been overcome, so to speak. As early as March 3, several sources said that Bakhmut was almost surrounded. But the Ukrainian resistance continues, more than two months later.

A few days ago, Prigozhin threatened to withdraw his forces from Bakhmut on May 10, due to the lack of ammunition.

The brutal fighting in Bakhmut has been going on for months, and the number of dead and injured on both sides is considered high. At the same time, the city has been reduced to a pile of ruins.

Bakhmut is a symbol of the bloody fact of war.

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