Tucker Carlson has made a new video clip for his Twitter account, where he says that he will soon be back with his show and that it will take place on Twitter. Twitter is the only major platform where free debate takes place, says Tucker, but it is most often in response to something published elsewhere. He wants to put an end to that. He will publish original material on Twitter. Its own show.

Tucker uses the term “we” about Twitter. It may indicate that he has started a collaboration with Elon Musk. It wouldn’t be a surprise. Musk is a strong supporter of free speech and he gained a unique insight into how far the US has come towards a totalitarian society when he investigated how deeply the FBI, CIA and other e-services have penetrated and infiltrated Twitter.

It has gone so far that the spy services themselves have occupied the most important jobs in Twitter. From there, they not only control the conversation. They can also spy on their enemies, that is, those who are supporters of freedom of press and expression.

There has been much speculation as to whether Tucker is free to do whatever he wants. Megyn Kelly says he is bound by his contract with Fox until January 2025. Fox pays him $20 million a year to do nothing. But it is doubtful whether Tucker will allow himself to be ruled by money. It seems that problem has been solved.

Together with Musk, it is hardly a problem.

It wasn’t long ago that Tucker interviewed Musk.

If Tucker returns to Twitter, it could set in motion a whole new dynamic in the election campaign and media landscape. He will then be his own master and be able to tell what really happens, e.g. with the 43,000 hours of video material from January 6 that he was given by Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Americans are tired of being lied to. They would like the whole truth, not just half or a quarter of the truth – which is another word for lie.

Les også

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