The judge in the state of New York, presiding over the criminal case against Donald Trump, issued an order on Monday that refuses the former president to post evidence in his case on social media.

In his ruling, Judge Juan Merchan largely followed the same line as the state attorney in Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, by limiting what new evidence from the prosecution Trump can make public before the case comes to court, writes NBC.

The ruling states that “all material and information provided by the state to the defence pursuant to their discovery obligations shall be used solely to prepare a defence in this case.”

Merchan’s sentencing said anyone with access to the evidence handed over to Trump’s team by state attorneys general “shall not copy, disseminate or disclose” the material to third parties, including social media platforms, “without prior court approval.”

Prosecutors argued they needed “guarantees that will protect the integrity of the material,” and said the “risk” that Trump would use the evidence inappropriately was “significant.”

Donald J. Trump has a long, and perhaps unprecedented, history of attacking witnesses, investigators, prosecutors, jurors, judges and others involved in legal proceedings against him, which puts these individuals and their families at significant security risk, argued the attorney general’s office last month.

Trump’s lawyers argued that this would prevent the former president’s right to present his side of the story.

The ruling violates President Trump’s right to freely discuss his own character and qualifications for federal office and at the same time prevents the American people’s right to hear President Trump’s side of the story, they state.

Trump has argued that the judge and Attorney General Alvin Bragg are biased against him, and his lawyers filed papers last week to have the case transferred to federal court.

This request is still being processed.

Trump’s lawyers and the attorney general’s office did not respond to requests for comment Monday.

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