Trond Giske says that his local team Nidaros Sosialdemokratisk Forum will enlist more members in Trondheim, as his struggle to regain power in the party continues.

At the recent national meeting of the Labor Party, Giske’s local team Nidaros Social Democratic Forum had its influence reduced. The team was denied payment for its many members from other parts of the country, members who obviously wanted to support Giske.

The Giske team is the largest in the country with over 4,000 members, over 2,000 of these members come from places other than Trondheim.

But the party decided that from now on it is the members’ residential address that will be decisive when delegates to the national meeting are to be polled. Only local members are to be counted.

Read more about it in the case below.

This line in the bill for Giske and his supporters, was a way to severely undercut his influence in the party. But he hasn’t let that stop him.

NTB reports on the case.

Fortunately, people are more willing to fight than resign. I find that instead of losing heart, they get more strength to stand up and enlist, says Giske about the members of Nidaros Social Democratic Forum to Adresseavisen.

According to Giske, 40-50 members have resigned from the local team, in the main this happened on Sunday and Monday after the decision at the national meeting.

He says that they have also gained 20-30 new members and that they still have over 4,000 members in total.

Giske says that the new members are mainly from Trondheim. He emphasises that they will probably place extra emphasis on recruiting new members in Trondheim, as it is only these local members who exert influence in the party.

This means that Giske intends to continue to aim for more political power and will continue to be a stone in the shoe for Støre and the others in the Ap leadership. It looks likely that there are many more chapters in this ongoing saga.

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