Three people have been arrested after a person was found dead in Lørenskog on Friday. They are all charged with murder or accessory to murder.

The arrests took place late Sunday night. All the accused are in their 20s and belong to the eastern region.

Just after 8 p.m., the police received a report of a lifeless person. Before the police arrived, the person in question was pronounced dead by the ambulance.

The deceased is an adult man. He was found in a car park at Løkenåsen school.

NTB reports on the arrests.

The accused are all well known to the police, the arrests took place without drama, states the East police district in a press release.

According to the police, they will be held on remand until Tuesday.

The police also state that they cannot rule out more arrests, but they are not actively looking for others now.

On Sunday, a person was charged with murder or accessory to murder. He was released after questioning, but the charge was not dropped.

Three different private addresses

Police inspector Lars Reinholdt-Østbye in the East police district tells NTB that the arrests took place at three different private addresses in the eastern area, but will not go into any more detail about where this happened.

It was extensive work that led to the arrests. We have accessed large amounts of technical and electronic data, including video surveillance, which helped to identify the suspects. We have reasonable grounds for the charges and the men could be arrested late last night and into the night.

He says that a number of seizures have been made in the case, but will not go into detail about what the police have seized.

We are planning an interrogation during the day. The relationship between those involved and their connection to the deceased is a key subject, says the police inspector.

Not known if anyone pleads guilty

Reinholdt-Østbye says that so far they have not raised the issue of criminal guilt.

Ole-Kristian Ringnes, Cecile Nakstad and Svein Holden have been appointed as defenders for the accused men.

Ringnes has spoken to his client, but has no comments beyond that, he writes in a text message to NTB.

Nakstad tells NTB that she is on her way to her client now, but will not comment on the matter beyond that.

Holden has not responded to NTB’s inquiries so far.

No further information has been provided about those involved in this ugly case.

(The article has been updated at 12:35 p.m.).

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