The theory that the crew of a sailboat could blow up Nord Stream 1 and 2 falls on its own unreasonableness. But what is remarkable is that those who push the theory highlight Ukrainians. Some want to throw Ukrainians under the bus.

German investigators suspect that an alleged Ukrainian soldier was on board a sailboat that may be linked to the 2022 sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.

Several media have jointly examined the information in the case – the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the TV and radio stations Norddeutscher and also Westdeutscher Rundfunk, the Polish online newspaper Frontstory, the Swedish Expressen and the Danish Berlingske.

The media believe the sailboat Andromeda is central to the investigation. The boat was docked at the Danish island of Christiansø in September 2022 with a crew of six on board. One of the men on the boat is a Ukrainian citizen.

The man must have had a Romanian passport with him, but the Romanian man to whom the passport belonged was in his home country at the time, writes Berlingske. NTB-Ritzau

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