One person has died in a shooting outside in Hagalund in Solna in Sweden. Another person has been taken to hospital in an ambulance.

So another person has become a victim of the escalating violence affecting our neighbouring country. It almost always involves immigrants.

The police received the report about the shooting just after 5 p.m. Two people were injured, now one of these has been confirmed as dead.

Expressen has spoken to witnesses to the incident.

Petri, a pensioner who lives in the area, says that he was at Hemköp some distance away when he heard the shots.

Then he saw how people started to run.

It just clattered. I got it till åt smällar and I heard that it was automatic fire, he says.

He continues:

I panicked. This has happened far too many times here in the area.

Another witness says that she also heard the shots, and saw several people fleeing the scene.

Then I saw an injured person on the field, she says and adds that she thinks it feels “extremely uncomfortable”.

It is not the first time there has been shooting in Hagalund and there are several bloody conflicts going on around Stockholm.

We are fully aware that there are ongoing conflicts in the region, but now we are gathering information about this incident so we can look at similarities and any differences later, says Towe Hägg, who is the police spokesperson.

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