The socialists: USS “Gerald R. Ford’s” visit to Oslo is an unnecessary provocation
John Martin Johansen 25/05/2023 03:02

The American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford in Oslofjorden during her visit on May 24, 2023 for NATO exercises.. The ship is the world’s largest warship and will be in port in Oslo for four days. Photo: Jonas Tisell, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

The experts believe that Oslo citizens should be happy that the ship is coming to the capital, but not everyone agrees.

Peace activists and socialists across the country fear that the visit is an unnecessary provocation that could trigger a major war, writes TV2.

Some activists put up posters in the centre of Oslo with a crystal clear message. With the text “Yankees go home”, they clearly show that 5,000 American sailors in their world are not wanted in the capital.

This is more so that the USA can show itself as a great power, than it is security for Norway, says one of those who hang up these posters.

The huge warship will sail further north after the weekend, which frightens the activists even more.

Russia has called the visit a harmful demonstration of power.

We don’t know how far north it will go. But it makes me insecure, and it makes me sleep badly at night, says the peace activist.

She explains that the fear started when a defence agreement opened up for further American presence in Norway, through American infrastructure on Norwegian soil.

I am really afraid of a world war.

Leader in Rødt, Bjørnar Moxnes, also believes that the visit is unfortunate.

It is not a recipe for more security, but a recipe for more instability and increased tension, says Moxnes.

He is now calling for a debate on defence policy, with a focus on whether we should strengthen our own defence capability or whether we should lean more on the American defence.

SV’s foreign policy spokesperson, Ingrid Fiskaa, is also sceptical.

SV is generally worried that an increased American military presence could contribute to greater tension and an erosion of Norwegian sovereignty, she says to Klassekampen.

Defence policy spokesman for the Conservative Party, Hårek Elvenes, however, thinks the American visit is good.

It is our clear right to show that we are able to defend ourselves if necessary, he says to Klassekampen.

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