The three Ghanaian sisters Faustina, Gloria and Brenda were to be deported from Norway. They no longer lived with their father, and the Immigration Board and the Directorate of Immigration believed that the three sisters had provided false identities.

But at the end of March, the Oslo district court concluded that the girls have provided the correct identity and that the immigration authorities must process the applications for permanent residence permits again.

“Early on in the proceedings they were locked in the view that the sisters had lied and as such the proceedings have therefore been wrongly focused,” District Court Judge Åsa Gjesdal Bech wrote in the judgement from the Oslo District Court.

It is Faustina who tells Vårt Land that the Immigration Service will not appeal.

We are very pleased and hope the sisters get a quick clarification regarding permanent residence permits, says Lise Stefanussen, solicitor at the law firm Sulland, who represented the three sisters in the Oslo district court.

It is correct that Une is not appealing the judgement from the district court. We will now process the cases again. It is too early to say anything about how long it will take, writes head of the unit at UNE, Georg Magne Rønnevig.

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