The G7 leaders warn China against continuing its militarisation in the Pacific region, but emphasise that they want good relations with the country.

It came out during the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan on Saturday. This is where the leaders of the countries that make up the G7 meet, that is to say the seven industrialised countries France, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Canada.

With the exception of Canada, these were the original countries that made up the G6 when it was established in 1975. Canada joined as the seventh country in 1976

Recently, China has stepped up both its rhetoric and the implementation of military exercises in the waters around Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean, which has attracted a lot of attention. For the G7 countries, this is cause for concern.

NTB-AFP reports on the case.

China and Taiwan have been separated since 1949 when the Communists won the Chinese Civil War and took power on the mainland. The defeated nationalists then sought refuge on the island.

China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory and the Chinese government has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan if the authorities there formally declare independence.

Asks China to put pressure on Putin

The G7 leaders also urged China on Saturday to put pressure on Russia to stop the hostilities in Ukraine and withdraw its soldiers.

China itself says that the country is neutral in the war. The Chinese have offered to mediate, but have not condemned the Russian invasion. Therefore, many have considered China’s offer to be unreliable.

However, there has recently been direct contact between China and Ukraine, which may create hope that China may nevertheless be accepted as a mediator by both the Russians and the Ukrainians.

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