The G7 countries and the EU are acting more and more as a security policy bloc, together with NATO. Now the bloc will ban the resumption of Russian gas exports.

It is the Financial Times that is reporting this. One cannot help but think that this may be a continuation of a strategy that began with the blowing up of Nord Stream 1 and 2. “Someone” physically ensured that Russian exports became impossible.

There are other pipelines between Russia and Europe, but they will be blocked through political decisions. The question is whether this, which looks like a long-term strategy, will be able to contribute to the resumption of relations between the West and Russia. In any case, it will not contribute to China distancing itself from Russia. China imagines that they will be subject to the same treatment.

The G7 countries and the EU will ban new Russian gas imports via the routes where Moscow has already cut supplies, writes the Financial Times.

The decision is expected to be made by the G7 leaders at a summit in Hiroshima on Friday, writes the newspaper and refers to people involved in the negotiations.

The measure will prevent Russia from once again being able to export gas along routes to countries such as Germany and Poland, where they cut supplies last year, writes the Financial Times. One of the officials tells the newspaper that the measure is being taken to “ensure that partners do not change their minds in a hypothetical future”. (NTB-Reuters)

G7 and EU to ban restart of Russian gas pipelines (Financial Times – paywall)

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