Another mysterious case from 6 January where a suspect is identified, but where the FBI centrally bans further investigation and takes the police officers off the case. The case stinks.

It was on the morning of January 6 that pipe bombs were found outside the headquarters of both the Republicans and the Democrats. The police took the matter very seriously. They had video footage. A reward of 500,000 dollars was promised for information that could lead to the case being solved.

After planting the bombs, the perpetrator used a Metro card to travel through Washington and across to Virginia.

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin, a whistleblower who worked on the pipe bomb investigation, told the Washington Times that after planting the bombs, the suspect used a MetroRail SmarTrip card to travel through the Washington metro system to a stop in northern Virginia.

The special thing is that the metro card was bought a year earlier by a chief master sergeant in the air force. This fellow now worked as a security contractor, as many do.

Seraphin also told Times reporter Kerry Picket that a separate individual bought the Metrorail SmarTrip card one year before the pipe bomb suspect used it on Jan. 5, 2021.

“The card had never been used before. It was bought a year earlier by a retired chief master sergeant in the Air Force and he was a security contractor. So he held a security clearance,” Seraphin said.

Seraphim and his comrades watched the contractor’s house for a few days. But then they were not allowed to do anything more.

Although Mr. Seraphin, who also served in the Air Force, wanted to approach the Air Force veteran and talk to him, his bureau superiors forbade him to do so before his team was removed from the case.

This case stinks to high heaven.

The congressmen cited former FBI assistant director Christopher Swecker, who told Picket, “[i]t just doesn’t add up . . . [t]here’s just too much to work with to not know who this guy is.”

Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs demand to say the papers in the case. They demand an answer by June 7.

Until now, Wray has overlooked/ignored demands for access.

GOP Lawmakers Demand FBI Briefing on Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Investigation Following Disclosures Regarding Suspect

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