The so-called green shift must also be pushed into the Armed Forces. Electric wheel loaders are now being purchased for the entire defence sector.

The defence must become greener and more sustainable. Defence materiel and the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization have ordered electric wheel loaders for the entire defence sector.

NTB reports.

The first electric loaders can probably roll into Norway already during the first quarter of 2024, writes Forsvarsmateriel in a press release.

The whole sector now has the opportunity to buy wheel loaders that are more sustainable, quieter and much cheaper to operate than the diesel-powered ones that are used today, says trade group leader Frank Schjølberg in Defense Materials.

They have entered into a framework agreement with Volvo for the purchase of electric forklifts. They can weigh up to 5 tonnes and have a lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes. The agreement will also ensure maintenance of the wheel loaders throughout their lifetime.

There are around 170 wheel loaders in the defence sector, 60 of which have passed their useful life and should therefore be replaced.

No information is provided about any operational limitations for such electric vehicles in a defence context.

Many will wonder how heavy, electric vehicles will function under demanding conditions, for example in the field, where there are often limited charging options.

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