US intelligence blames Ukrainians for a series of attacks inside Russia, from the assassination of Putin’s chief ideologist Aleksandr Dugin, to the assassination of a prominent military blogger and, more recently, the attack on the city of Belgorod. Ukrainians are also blamed for the drone attack on the Kremlin. It’s a full package.

From NTB:

The US services based their conclusion, in part, on communications intercepted in which Russian officials appear surprised and blame Ukraine. Also citing other communications in which Ukrainian officials say they believed their country was responsible for the attack in which two drones were flown against the Kremlin.

The attack is one of several recent incidents that have embarrassed US officials. The Biden administration, which is Ukraine’s most important ally, is concerned about the risk of Russia blaming the United States and expanding the war beyond Ukraine.

US intelligence believes it sees a loose network of Ukrainian groups and units capable of carrying out operations inside Russia, of which Zelenskyj does not necessarily have an overview.

In addition to the drone attack, US intelligence believes that Ukrainians were behind the assassination of the daughter of Russian nationalist Aleksandr Dugin, the murder of a pro-Russian blogger and several attacks on border towns, such as Monday’s attack in Belgorod.

By leaking such accusations, the Americans are throwing the Ukrainians under the bus. What this proves is that this is their intention as they also blame Ukrainians for the sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines.

They also believe that Ukrainian groups were behind the attack on the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, although it is not clear whether they had connections to the Ukrainian authorities.

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