Two brothers from Syria had far-reaching plans to blow up a packed Swedish church. This information was released by German federal agency Bundeskriminalamt in a press release.

On Monday, a 24-year-old Syrian, Ahmad K., was arrested in Kempten in Germany. His older brother, 28-year-old Anas K., was already arrested on April 25 in dramatic fashion by a heavily armed task force in Hamburg.

According to German police, their plan was to blow up an “unspecified church in Sweden” which was supposed to be full of people during the attack.

The two Syrian brothers are suspected of jointly acquiring the necessary components to produce explosives to carry out a terrorist attack and of planning to carry out the attack together.

Bomb ingredients were ordered via auction website eBay and from China, according to major German tabloid newspaper Bild.

According to information to Bild, the investigators found out about the supposed Swedish target for the attack after going through the suspects’ mobile phones and computers.

Prosecutor Liddy Oechtering says in a statement that the motive will be about Koran burnings that took place in Sweden. The two Syrian brothers are said to have come to Germany during the great wave of migrants in 2015.

The Swedish security police Säpo are currently tight lipped with information about the planned terrorist attack. “Questions related to this are referred by the security police to the German authorities. In general, the security police have ongoing and well-developed cooperation with several other countries’ security services,” writes Säpo’s press secretary Fredrik Hultgren-Friberg in an email to Fria Tider.

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