So far in 2023, 64 bombs have gone off in Sweden. That is a bomb about every other day, a number hardly experienced in any other country during their peacetime.

Some had thought that the situation in Sweden would quickly improve with a new bourgeois government, supported by the Sweden Democrats.

The extensive crime in Sweden was a main theme in the election last autumn and many promises and declarations were made about various emergency measures to be implemented.

But in the spring of 2023, just over half a year after the election, conditions are at least as bad as last year.

The wave of violence and crime in Sweden only continues, with incidents involving firearms and explosives becoming everyday material in the Swedish media.

That’s why the big media hardly bothers to report such matters now, beyond small notices. Only the most serious and extensive incidents of violence receive major media coverage.

Fria Tider now reports on the number of bomb explosions so far this year. The number is strikingly high for a Scandinavian country that is officially neither ravaged by war, civil war nor any form of armed revolution:

So far during 2023, the police have registered 64 detonated explosions, which roughly corresponds to an average of one detonation every two days, writes Fria Tider.

There are various crime scenes for these explosions, mostly in the big cities of Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. :

The latest official statistics show that most of the explosions at the beginning of the year took place in gang war ridden Stockholm.

Later in the year, it was mainly the dockland detonations occurring in southern Sweden.

The figures become even more frightening when you include failed explosions, or explosions that were prevented by the police. Then you are up in one case almost every single day metric:

In addition to the detonated bombings, the police have registered 19 attempted crimes and 51 preparatory crimes.

The total number of explosion-related crimes now stands at 134 – that is, on average one a day.

Both cars and buildings are being blown up. Criminal gangs often use explosives to attack the private homes of other gang leaders, to frighten and damage. This of course also affects whole neighbourhoods and spreads fear throughout Sweden

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