Labor Party leader and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre believes that many people experience poverty in this country, but that the Labor Party’s policy will be the solution to this going forward.

Jonas Gahr Støre admits that even in what is called the world’s richest country, there are many who live more or less in poverty.

In NRK’s Politisk kvarter on Thursday, the prime minister was asked if he agrees with those who say that it is a shame that food queues are growing under Ap’s rule.

NTB reports on the case.

– It is an experience of poverty for many people in Norway that we should not have. I am glad that there is a political commitment to do something about it and I think ensuring that those people can have the opportunity to work and manage on their own income is a very important contribution. That motivates and engages the Labor Party deeply, replied the Prime Minister.

The benefits are not enough

Støre was also confronted with reports from Labor parties around the country that people on disability benefits or AAP do not have enough to live on and need social assistance. It shouldn’t be like this, Støre asserted.

– Should benefits be increased in the future? asked presenter Lilla Sølhusvik.

– In some areas, I think it may be necessary. We have raised some of the benefits already, the results of which you will see this year, as decisions take some time before they are in place. Those with social security benefits will receive higher benefits than wage earners will receive this year, and that will also apply to pensioners, replied the Prime Minister.

“Working poor”

He was also asked about professions with wages that are too low for people to get by with one job.

Støre replied that he sees signs in Norway, after eight years of a blue government, which are reminiscent of trends in other countries where terms such as “the working poor” are used.

– We place very high on the agenda what we do with very low wages. Getting more workers organised is important. That is why, among other things, we have doubled the trade union deduction and introduced schemes for more full-time work. A serious working life is a way to get jobs that you can live off of. It takes time, but we are well underway, Støre told NRK.

Even after a year and a half as prime minister, Støre shifts the blame onto the previous government. This despite the fact that during his term, since 2021, that these high prices for electricity and fuel, as well as general inflation, have seriously become a problem for so many in this country.

But it is precisely these concrete challenges that are touched upon, to a small extent, by the Prime Minister.

Optimistic Støre

According to Jonas Gahr Støre, there is a lot to be very positive about before the national meeting of Ap.

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