Who will be NRK’s voice in the upcoming US election campaign? Soon NRK will appoint its new USA correspondent, who will it be? The list of applicants is long.

A new NRK correspondent will soon be appointed in the USA, a person who will have primary responsibility not least for the coverage of the presidential election in 2024. There could soon be another round with Biden and Trump.

Several high-profile foreign journalists within NRK and some from outside, have applied for the position, according to a review of the public applicant list.

The journalist writes about the story.

Among the NRK applicants we find former Asia correspondent Peter Svaar, former USA correspondent Anders Tvegård, foreign journalist Oda Eggesbø Ottesen, NRK Sørlandet journalist Siv Kristin Sællmann and Supernytt reporter Matheo Dolva.

Many people would be surprised if the job goes to someone who is not from NRK, but from the outside. So the favourite can be found among those mentioned, with Tvegård and Svaar as the hottest names.

But since we are talking about NRK, there is always a possibility that someone can manage to push in a candidate with a more politically correct background than the two white men.

See the full list at the bottom of the article.

Good for NRK

I am applying because I have a lot to do on such an exciting continent, Anders Tvegård writes to Journalisten.

The correspondent job is one of the coolest and most demanding jobs you can have as a journalist. The US and Central America have changed since my previous term, writes Tvegård, and refers to developments in AI, greater division and polarisation, and more people moving around in search of a better life.

He quickly gets into the upcoming election campaign, and warns that he too will make sure to filter and colour news from there in the desired NRK way:

The run-up to the presidential election in the United States in 2024 is underway, an election and a circus that promises to be a battle for reality. The outcome may end up in the history books and the path chosen may have consequences for the support of Ukraine. It is impossible not to raise your hand when such a chance presents itself. There are many applicants and many good candidates. It’s good for NRK! he says.

Peter Svaar has no comment on questions from the Journalist about why he is applying for a correspondent position again, and why the USA in particular.

I can confirm that I have applied, but do not wish to comment beyond that, he writes in an email.

It is also noted that social debater and political communications adviser Simen Bondevik (22) has applied for the job. He is the grandson of former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik.

Otherwise, we find NRK’s voice from Sørlandet, Siv Kristin Sællmann, on the list. Neither of the latter two could be classed as favourites.

More applicants from outside

Henrik Østensen Heldahl, political journalist in Nettavisen, is also on the applicant list. He has long been involved in the USA and American political scene and has for several years been a contributor to the website Amerikanspolitikk.no and the podcast Amerikanspolitikk.

The Washington D.C.-based freelance journalist Ole Morten Orset, former US correspondent for P4, has applied for the position. So have Vårt Land journalist Sondre Bjørdal and Klassekampen journalist Ole Øyvind Sand Holth.

NRK advertised the position after Lars Os announced that he would be returning home to Norway in the summer and wanted a replacement.

The correspondent period is three years, with the possibility of a one-year extension, NRK states in the job advertisement.

Start-up is planned for late summer/autumn this year.

Medier24 discussed the applicant list on Wednesday.

These have applied, some of them probably mostly for fun:

Martínez, Susana (24), Oslo

Toverud, Simen Andreas (25) journalist, Oslo

Johnsen, Ulrik Øen (27), Oslo

Bondevik, Simen (22) political communications advisor, Oslo

Kireesan, Ladush (19), extra, Oslo

Ottesen, Oda Eggesbø (27), foreign journalist, Oslo

Skjellum, Hanne (41), journalist, Oslo

Thelen, Dialyn (26), Oslo

Dolva, Matheo (23), reporter, Oslo

Tvegård, Anders (47), journalist, Oslo

Rojahn, Henrik Hamer (26), copywriter and journalist

Wium, Solvår (28), international coordinator, Malmö

Bjørdal, Sondre (42), news leader, debate moderator, reporter, Oslo

Roth, Håkon Rehaug (28), filmmaker, Trondheim

Alyasan, Irman (23) Social Media Manager, Kristiansand

Sællmann, Siv Kristin (58), journalist, Kristiansand

Barlaup, Vebjørn (31), reporter, breaking, Oslo

Holth, Ole Øyvind Sand (35), foreign journalist, Oslo

Hatlebakk, Peter Sebastian (36), PhD student, Bergen

Djukastein, Bjørne Østrem (28), journalist/reporter, Oslo

Svaar, Peter (43), political reporter, Oslo

Orset, Ole Morten (52), journalist in the USA/freelance, USA

Heldahl, Henrik Østensen (30), political journalist, Oslo,

Asperheim, Julian August Lara (28), video journalist, Oslo

Johansen, Stian Songkran (25), Junior Creative Video Editor, USA

Jaspe, Phoebe (30), filmmaker, Tromsø

Rom, Daniel (22), server, USAPetersen, Ina (33), co-founder & co-managing director, Oslo

For the record: No one from Document has applied for the job…

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