Several cities in Israel, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Ashkelon, are under attack by rockets from the Gaza Strip. The Israelis are fighting back.

The Israeli military says it has carried out new attacks against the besieged Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Palestinian health authorities say one person has been killed.

The military says it is attacking “the terrorist group Islamic Holy War’s rocket-launching infrastructure in the Gaza Strip”. (NTB)

The flight alert has gone off in Tel Aviv and the city of Ashkelon with its 140,000 inhabitants and other cities and towns near the Palestinian enclave, writes the Times of Israel. The newspaper writes that Gaza terrorists are behind the attacks.

Planes had to wait for permission to land at Ben Gurion airport. Several volleys of rockets are said to have hit Israel.

The Ynet news site reports that aircraft that were about to land were told to circle out of range for several minutes before being allowed to land.

No injuries have been reported in Israel, but a house is said to have been directly hit by a rocket.

The Israeli Defense Forces have responded by bombing several launch pads that have been used to fire rockets at the civilian population in Israel, according to MIFF.

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