The usually large-scale Russian military parades on 9 May will this year be scaled down in a number of places in the country. It is officially stated that the reason is fear of sabotage.

In several regions of Russia, the annual celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany will take place on a much smaller scale than has been usual. The reason is explained to be fear of actions by pro-Ukrainian saboteurs.

NTB-Reuters reports on the case.

On Tuesday, Russia will hold its annual Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow. This year’s parade is characterised by strict security measures.

This is due to “a number of drone attacks recently”. Television stations around the world earlier this week showed what is alleged to be a US- and Ukraine-backed drone attack on the Kremlin.

The parade is seen as important for President Vladimir Putin to boost patriotism, especially after Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 last year.

The so-called military special operation, which, despite the fact that it was supposed to be over quickly, continues in full force almost 15 months later.

According to Reuters, during the dress rehearsal for the victory parade in Moscow on Sunday, it would appear that fewer soldiers and military equipment than usual will participate. It was far from the usual format on the whole.

Concerns about security have increased in Russia in the past week as a result of drone attacks on fuel warehouses and freight trains. On Sunday, the media also reported several explosions on the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula in Ukraine.

This sends signals about Russia’s poor ability to control its own airspace.

Many will point to another significant reason why the events are scaled back: In order to hold parades with thousands of soldiers, tanks and the like, it is required that you have the required number of such available and available.

As of today, however, large parts of the Russian military apparatus are involved in the war against Ukraine, it is hardly practical to pull them out of the front to march in their home streets on May 9.

Much of the combined force, both soldiers and material, has also been lost in bloody hostilities over the past year.

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