Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan, who is the CEO of Fox Corp., spoke with President Zelenskyj in the spring, with Lachlan having another conversation with him later. Tucker was a sharp critic of the way the United States became involved again in a war that has turned out to be a proxy war.

The Washington Post wrote in April that Murdoch had no sense of Tucker’s criticism of aid to Ukraine. There is a strong war party in Washington and few dare to challenge it.

The Washington Post reported in April that Rupert Murdoch had become tired of Mr Carlson’s antics on his channel and was “disturbed” by his stance on Ukraine.

The Independent reports this on the basis of an American magazine, Semaphore. Independent shows which page the newspaper is on.

Mr Carlson’s anti-Ukraine and seemingly pro-Kremlin position has made him a regular face on Russian state-controlled television.

This is a crude, tendentious portrayal of Tucker’s reporting, as anyone who has followed him knows.

Fox is supposed to be a conservative channel, but information like this weakens trust. So does the information that Fox was willing to fire Tucker as part of the deal with Dominion. Dominion’s counsel had worked for Jill Biden.

Hootan Yaghoobzadeh, the co-founder of Staple Street Capital which owns Dominion, told the outlet that Carlson’s firing was “much more profound” than “some disingenuous apology or forced statement” in which Fox News admitted wrongdoing.

“For us to have a meaningful impact, we had to make sure that we got that rock moving,” he said.

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