Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) believes that the Correctional Service in Norway enjoys a good reputation internationally, but seems to have a blind spot with regard to religion.

On Thursday, he asked Justice Minister Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) a written question:

“Will the government ensure that the Correctional Service safeguards inmates’ right to practise their religion also in daily prison life?” he asks.

“Inmates who belong to religious traditions that emphasise practice and have rules of living that differ to Lutheran Christianity do not receive food that satisfies the requirements of their tradition, such as kosher or halal,” he writes.

The Krf politician points out that freedom of religion and belief is a human right that encompasses more than just the right to believe what one wants, writes Vårt Land.

Norwegian Muslims have very limited access to halal food while serving time, claims Ropstad.

“Instead, Muslim inmates are offered either pork-free meat food that is not halal slaughtered, or vegan/vegetarian food,” he writes.

It is expected that the Minister of Justice and Emergency Response will answer Ropstad’s question in the near future.

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