On Thursday, Oslo Pride presented this year’s programme. From 23 June to 1 July, things will be happening all over the city.

We have never seen greater commitment than around this year’s Oslo Pride, says Oslo Pride’s leader Dan Bjørke, to NRK.

In the past, the festival area has been in Spikersuppa. This year they are moving to Kontraskjæret.

The reason is that they want more space. They use it as among other things an 800 square metre dance floor.

The program includes everything from concerts and theatre performances to drag bingo and lesbian speeddating.

City councillor Raymond Johansen (Ap) was also present at the launch party.

From the stage, he spoke about the importance of this year’s celebration.

I will go with you in the pride parade. Of course. I’m looking forward to that, said an elated Johansen.

Two people were killed and dozens injured when Zaniar Matapour shot at people in the centre of Oslo on 25 June last year.

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