Over the last couple of years, Russian military intelligence (GRU) has tried on several occasionst o buy advanced technical equipment, including underwater equipment, from Norwegian companies.

This is claimed by the PST, writes E24. According to Police Superintendent Dag Røhjell, who is an adviser at the Counter-Intelligence Section of the PST, there have been at least three cases. These have been carried out by people who have operated in Norway under diplomatic cover, who the PST says were really connected to the GRU.

These are said to have behaved “not in accordance with the behaviour of an ordinary diplomat”. PST does not go into more detail.

Part of the activity that we have followed from Russian intelligence officers in Norway – in terms of acquisition attempts, attempts to buy technology and products – is part of the basis that we have worked with for the 15, without necessarily being linked to these individuals, says Røhjell.

Mini-submarines were among the equipment they attempted to be purchase. The Russian, whom PST considers to be associated with the GRU, is said to have told a Norwegian company that he wanted to buy two ROVs, which were supposed to be a gift for a friend.

The acquisitions started with normal things that are also available in Russia, but eventually developed to include products that could conceivably have a military application.

PST feared that the Russian defence was the ultimate end user.

Underwater technology such as measuring equipment is said to have been sought. This can be used militarily and are therefore classified as strategic products.

According to PST, such technology is be a high priority for Russia.

The Russian embassy does not comment on the allegations directly, but refers to an earlier statement by Maria Zakharova from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in connection with the series “Shadow Warriors” which was shown on NRK, SVT, YLE and DR.

Due to a lack of convincing arguments, they (the media ed. note) suspect all activity connected to Russia and the work of Russian diplomats. A new wave of spy mania in the Nordic countries and their demonisation of Russia is causing irreparable damage to relations with our country.

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