Retired police superintendent Bård Stensli says the police’s denial of uniforms in the pride parade is a major setback for queer love in the police.

Former police superintendent Bård Stensli has devoted much of his time in the police to promoting gay rights in the agency.

He has previously been awarded YS’ equality award for the work he has done to make being gay in the police visible and easier.

According to NTB, he says it is sad that the police now refuse their employees to go on a pride parade in uniform. Stensli fought for a number of years for the police to participate in these pride events.

It is sad. I have put almost 20 years of work and energy into this, he says to Politiforum.

He also reacts to discrimination in relation to the Armed Forces, where the employees are allowed to participate in the parade in uniform. He asks if soldiers are less exposed than the police.

In previous parades, Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen himself has taken part in the parade, wearing full general uniform.

The police have said that they encourage their employees to go to parades – but not in uniform.

For Stensli, this is an extremely important matter, and he points out that the police in our neighbouring country have other rights:

Sweden has been in the parade for nine years, more years than us. Being visible does something about the transparency within the agency that we represent. It is only when you see it that you believe that people are actually there, says Stensli.

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