A survey carried out by verkacht.no shows that one in four Norwegians believes that global warming is natural and not man-made.

Climate researcher at NTNU, Helene Muri, says that she thinks it is sad that so many people think this, writes TV2.

There is no doubt that climate change is man-made. The researchers have done a good job, but people decide for themselves what they believe. We have hard facts to hit the table with, says Muri.

The article states that more than half of those who vote for the Progressive Party do not believe that humans are entirely to blame for climate change.

The party with the second most climate-sceptic voters is the Center Party, followed by the Conservative Party and Christian People’s Party.

The figures also show that those who believe that climate change is primarily natural are often born before 1990, come from rural areas and have a low level of education.

The demographics do not surprise Muri. When she tells people about her job, there is a certain type of person who reacts negatively.

They are mostly retired men from the petroleum industry, and people without higher education, she says.

Faktisk.no together with OsloMet have gone through articles in Norwegian media, including Derimot.no and Document.no, to see what are the arguments for climate change being a natural cause.

Muri says that the arguments of Document, among others, do not measure up.

There are natural variations in climate, but we see that many of these are both amplified and occur more often as a result of changes in the climate, says the climate scientist.

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