Although some warn against the development, artificial intelligence (AI) is entering our everyday life at full speed. Technology companies are now competing to use artificial intelligence in everything from gyms to cars.

A new dating app will use AI to create a chatbot that will mimic the users’ interests and personality.

Instead of starting a conversation directly with a potential partner, one can first communicate indirectly via artificial intelligence. Users will get a chatbot that learns more about them and imitates them better the more they use it. Two potential partners can then first communicate indirectly via each of their chatbots to see if they are a good match.

Teaser AI will launch its new dating program on Apple’s App Store later in May. The company itself claims that its new technology will lead to less small talk and more meetings. They also hope that their app can reduce so-called ghosting, i.e. people interrupting all contact without giving any explanation.

There are of course sceptics. Many people think that dating is already complicated enough.

Will dating become easier by communicating via a robot?

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