While the climate activists only intensify their campaigns about global warming, NAF reports that winter tires may be needed during the Whitsun weekend, at the end of May.

It has snowed on several mountain passes and there is a risk of snow at high altitudes during the Whitsun weekend as well. This can create challenges on the mountain passes.

If you are going over the mountain, keep an eye on the weather reports. If snow is reported, you must change to winter tires or find an alternative route if possible, says senior communications advisor Nils Sødal at NAF.

NTB reports on the case.

The wintry conditions on some roads far out in May can cause problems for both motorists and motorcyclists.

Whitsun is a holiday weekend. Many will either drive over the mountain or be on the mountain for the long weekend. Then it is important to have properly shod the car if there is a forecast of snow, says Sødal.

At the same time that Norwegians are finally putting an unusually long and snowy winter behind them, certain organisations and groups are conducting hectic campaign activities to keep alive the notion that there is a man-made and almost crisis-like warming going on.

Much may indicate that these activists have realised that their message is losing general credibility. People see what they see in nature, and make up their own minds about climate propaganda.

But instead of the campaign organisations accepting the consequence that their message obviously does not hold water, they continue to increase the intensity of their fearmongering.

Document has, in several articles, dealt with the striking business that is currently run by the so-called Faktisk.no in this regard:

An attempt at communication with the planet Faktisk.no

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