Even in India, honour killings are practised between Muslims and non-believers. Rajendra Saini (36) married Amrin, but her family persuaded her to come home. She was not allowed to return to the man, when he repeatedly tried to get her back, they beat him to death.

Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): In a case of honour killing, a 36-year-old person from Sikar, Rajasthan succumbed to injuries after he was allegedly brutally bashed by his in-law’s who belong to the minority community in Khandwa.

According to local police, the deceased, Rajendra Saini, died on Tuesday while undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

Before his death, Rajendra recorded a statement. As this was his dying declaration, police arrested three persons. These included his brother-in-law Salman, 36, mother-in-law Munnibai, 55, and father-in-law Mumtaz, all residents of Singot village in Khandwa district. They were arrested on murder charges, informed SP Satyendra Kumar Shukla.

According to information, Rajendra, a resident of Sikar, Rajasthan, had a love marriage with Amrin of Singot, Khandwa, in 2021. After the wedding, both started living in Jaipur.

Had gone to in-laws house to bring wife back

The family coaxed Amrin to come to their place. After four months, when the wife had not returned, Rajendra went to his in-law’s house to get her back, but he was chased away by them, after beating him twice.

On a third visit on May 13, when he insisted on meeting his wife, Amrin’s parents, brother, and others beat him up. On May 15, his health deteriorated due to internal injuries, on May 16 he died while undergoing treatment at Khandwa district hospital.

According to the police, Rajendra used to work as a tile worker, and he had come to Singot village for work. During this, he met Amrin, 20, and both fell in love. Later in January 2021, the duo ran away from Singot to Rajasthan….


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