Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård (Ap) asks Bane NOR to explain the new problems on the Folloban line.

No sooner had the scandal-ridden Folloban finally come to fruition than new problems arose. Both passengers and the Minister of Transport are upset that there are so many problems with this new billion-dollar line that was supposed to be so good.

NTB reports further.

Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård says that it is very unfortunate that passengers were sitting in a train for three hours in the tunnel before they were taken out.

After the incident, Follobanen was closed for several days while work was done on leaks in the tunnel.

I note that both runs in the Blixtunnel on the Follobanen have been opened to traffic again, so that passengers now get the train service they were promised. It is good. On the railway, safety is of the utmost importance and Bane NOR needed some time to correct the fault caused by the water, says Nygård.

It was very unfortunate that last week passengers were left sitting in the tunnel for three hours before being taken out. It is important that Bane NOR does everything they can to avoid that, continues the transport minister.

This will be the topic of a meeting in mid-June. The Minister of Transport had already called Bane NOR, the Norwegian Railway Directorate and the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate to a meeting about a stop at Romeriksporten before Christmas.

At the same meeting, we have asked for a review of the stoppage in the Blixtunnel on 22 May, says Nygård.

He emphasises that a review of the problems is important to avoid similar problems in the future.

I look forward to receiving more information when the independent review is ready in the second half of June this year, says Nygård.

Much is now probably about the fact that all actors involved, from the minister via Bane NOR down to hired construction companies, will do their utmost to place the blame on others than themselves.

Many passengers have gradually gained a rather frayed trust in the new route and few will be surprised if new problems arise in the near future.

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