Two men visited a family with children in Øvre Romerike on Saturday. They abused a man who lives in the house and threatened him with a gun.

Another weekend, a serious incident of violence was reported in Romerike, north of Oslo. This time there is a gun involved, and the whole thing is said to have taken place in the home of a family with children.

NTB reports on the case.

Two men appeared at the door and allegedly demanded some money. In this case, a gun is said to have been shown and used threateningly. It is alleged that the man at the address was attacked. He is only slightly injured, says operations manager Trond Lorentzen in the East police district of Romerikes Blad.

The police received a report of the threatening incident just after 2 p.m.

The perpetrators must have left the scene in a car. We went out with more resources and searched the area, but were unable to find either the car or the people. Nevertheless, we have a clear idea of who these men are, so we have something to work with in the investigation, says Lorentzen.

He says that a whole family was at home when the police arrived.

The police choose not to provide any further information about those involved in the case.

Romerike has been a regular in connection with various cases of violence in recent times.

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