A man with a knife ran amok in Løvenstad in the Rælingen municipality, northeast of Oslo. The police have now arrested the man.

The suspect was pointed out by witnesses at the scene. He complied with orders from the police and threw away a large knife. The suspect had another knife on him when he was arrested. No information known on any injuries, East police district says on Twitter. They reported the incident at 16:49.

The police say that they are working to understand the timeline. At this time they have not provided any further information about the person arrested. It is left to the local rumour mill to inform the population about what is going on.

A number of areas on Romerike, north-east of Oslo, have frequently been in the media in connection with various cases of recent violence. Areas concerned, among others are Lørenskog, Rælingen, Strømmen and Lillestrøm.

Much of the criminal activity previously associated with Groruddalen in the north-east of Oslo can now also be found a notch further north, a little outside the capital. However, this does not mean that conditions have significantly changed for the better in Groruddalen.

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