Brazilian President Lula da Silva is visited by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte – a man who accepts neither scheduled flights nor stopovers – for three days to discuss green investments and how food production can be cut to save humanity.

World problems are fixed

When major state leaders meet, often it is not global concerns that are on the agenda. However, If they are comfortable, it is just as natural for them to solve the world’s problems, as it is for you and me when we meet in the pub one evening.

After the green money and zero food agenda, Lula and Rutte took up the ultimate theme for the ruling class: War and peace:

It is time for diplomacy. It is not time for war, Lula and Rutte trumpeted in unanimous excitement as they held hands in the Planalto Palace in Brasilia.It is so beautiful!

Lula was moved, having escaped from the prison’s striped prisoner’s uniform, being once again figured as the leader of the Brazilian people. He was running on a high and off the cuff, was just as happy to proclaim “Peace Nation Brazil”:

We have to find someone who is willing to discuss peace – and that is Brazil! At the next club meeting, I would like to suggest that other countries also join in!

The club meeting Lula is referring to, is the next meeting of the G7 which will be held in Japan from 19 to 21 May. He suggested that India and Indonesia should be invited to join with Brazil to mediate a solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

Norway, inappropriate in a peace context

A journalist who tried to ask Lula about why he did not consider Norway as a partner – a ringleader among nations of peace – was drowned out by the roar of the otherwise state-funded press corps.

Peace is the way to go if we are to end the war. I go for compromises. Compromises are brilliant, they satisfy both parties.

This is how – in a somewhat shortened and perceived from a distance version – Lula ended the meeting to ovations from an excited and regime-loyal press before he went back together with Rutte to resume the personal challenge it can be to get through a sumptuous, caterpillar-free menu.

Unfortunately, Rutte could not fully participate in Lula’s peace hubris since he is bound by commitments in the ongoing conflict.

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