Social security benefits in the Norwegian welfare system are so low that people are pushed into poverty, believes AUF leader Astrid Hoem.

People go to work and pay taxes because it comes with a promise in return that you will get a safety net you can rely on. Right now there are many who cannot trust our safety net. Because the benefits are so low that you are forced into poverty, said the AUF leader when she addressed the national meeting of the Labor Party on Thursday afternoon. (NTB)

Her post is perceived as a protest against the Labor line, which means that you have to pursue a policy that leads to it being more profitable to work than to go on social security. This has created an emerging social security settlement in a Labor Party that no longer seems to prioritise the working class.

There is a fear among some in Ap that the so-called work line will lead to the level of public benefits being kept so low that it is not possible to live on them.

When people turn to the welfare state for help, but remain poor, then there is nothing wrong with the people. Then it is the system that is wrong, said Hoem.

Norway has an extremely large number of people on disability benefits compared to other comparable countries. We also have a very high rate of sickness leave, since the sick pay schemes are very generous.

The bill is transferred to those who have a job, leading to the level of taxes and fees being pushed up to the clouds. The so-called vulnerable, which often means immigrants who have never earned their own money in Norway, receive housing benefit, child support and social support which means that it is not worthwhile for them to get a job.

The fake low unemployment is a pure lie, but Labor continues to lie as they are increasingly let down by disgruntled workers, so they bet on the woke, immigrants and everyone who lives off the state (including NGOs, bureaucrats and the media).

For the record: Many people with disability benefits deserve all the support they get. But the number is sky high, including people who neither want nor are able to work. This includes alcoholics, drug addicts and people who do not speak Norwegian after twenty years in the country. My opinion is that a hard-working waiter, cook or shop assistant deserves better pay for their efforts, also the growth of disabled young people in particular is a national disaster.

Yesterday Hoem told NTB that it was important to increase aid and approve Palestine.

I am very disappointed that you did not reach 1 per cent when the budget was presented, but I am happy that you are doing it now. I also expect the Labor Party to arrange for it to be done every single time.

There are many countries that have set different types of targets, either the same as Norway at 1 per cent or something similar. When they look at Norway, that the world’s richest country does not deliver, why should they? It is a scary development.

The richest country in the world? It doesn’t feel like that for us who work and venture out on trips with our worthless Norwegian kroner. The people are getting poorer and poorer while the politicians and their subsidised supporters fill their pockets at our expense.

Astrid Hoem last autumn blamed Trond Giske for Ap’s decline. Perhaps she should read the party’s name, and understand that the betrayal of workers perhaps contributes more to the decline than Giske?

It is unlikely to happen by a political broiler who has no experience from working life outside of politics.

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