Sir Keir Starmer will announce plans to block all new oil and gas development in the North Sea. He will prioritise lending money for “green investment” as part of a radical plan to turn Britain into a superpower when it comes to so-called clean energy.

The Labor leader is thus following in Biden’s footsteps. He is expected to present his plans for Net Zero when he launches his latest national mission in Scotland next month, writes The Times.

The word mission can be interpreted as assignment. But it can also be interpreted as the religious term mission, which is perhaps just as apt in an age where climate hysterics strongly resemble a sect.

The attack on the oil industry will be one of Starmer’s five main promises to the British people and marks a clear break with the current government. Rishi Sunak supports further exploration for oil and gas to rebuild Britain’s shattered energy security.

Only green projects will receive support from a Labour government. This will lead to 500,000 new jobs in what is wrongly described as renewable energy, Starmer claims. It’s like hearing Lan Marie Berg at a bachelor party.

In reality, this will mean that up to 220,000 jobs in the oil industry will not become a reality, and these green jobs constantly being promised are conspicuous by their absence. But there are of course a number of extremely wealthy people who rub their hands from tax havens.

The bet is on the same measures that our authorities waste our tax money on.

Under the “green prosperity” plan, Labour is aiming to double onshore wind, triple solar and more than quadruple offshore wind power. The party has committed to creating a publicly owned renewable energy company whose aim is to achieve a zero-carbon power system by 2030.

Nor is the Labour leader able to analyse how disastrous the results of such projects have been, as also in Germany and earlier in the USA.

Labour’s position will face opposition, of course from the current government, but also from the Scottish National Party (SNP), since Scotland makes good money from the oil industry. So even if Labour wins the next election, which is a possibility, it is not certain that they will get a majority for their green madness.

It seems Labour is trying to win votes from the SNP, which is in decline after Nicola Sturgeon resigned and was replaced by the controversial Humza Yousaf, who has been described as a person who hates white people.

The British, like all other Western nations that engage in self-harm, are very keen to ensure that the 1.5 degree target and zero emissions are followed, also by the current UK government.

Last week Graham Stuart, the Tory minister for climate and net zero, said the government was committed to new oil and gas licences in the North Sea but “would never” approve anything incompatible with net zero greenhouse gas emissions and a global warming limited to 1.5C .

But in British homes, where millions are struggling financially, many cannot afford to heat their houses in winter. So what bothers them, especially older people, is the cold in their own homes.

If Labour wins, it is expected that oil production will be reduced by 15 per cent per year from 2030, which will eat up 80 per cent of the income from the industry.

Oil production is already 26 percent lower than in 2018.

It is difficult to say how Starmer will ensure stable energy when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing just right. Large parts of UK homes use gas for heating and cooking.

The Climate Change Committee, which advises the authorities on climate issues, is unsure whether replacing home-produced oil with imported oil, which will be a necessity to keep homes warm and avoid power cuts, will have a positive effect on climate emissions.

“The evidence on new UK oil and gas production is therefore not clear-cut,” it concluded.

However, Labour has declared itself positive about nuclear power, but perhaps the necessary nuclear power plants should be built before stopping oil exploration?

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