Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba visited Stockholm on Saturday. He would not say when the spring offensive would start, but demanded more weapons.

Kuleba said, according to NTB, that he appreciates all the help Ukraine has received, but called for more military support – quickly.

When you fight a war, you need everything, literally. Only when Ukraine has won the war will I say that we have received enough help, says the foreign minister.

Kuleba would not say anything about when the expected counter-offensive would come.

My answer there is simple. Instead of asking when the offensive will start, ask yourself: Have I done enough? Have I done enough for the offensive to start and succeed?

Kuleba is in Stockholm for an informal meeting between EU foreign ministers, with the war in Ukraine at the top of the agenda. According to Kuleba, his country is in discussions with several countries about new arms deliveries.

Germany just announced a new package of around NOK 31 billion.

From Ukraine, there are reports of progress on parts of the front around Bakhmut, but Kuleba says there are no major movements on the ground at the moment.

Every day we try to repel the enemy, with the enemy trying to take up new positions and conquer more land, he says and warns that war has become everyday.

Only now do I understand the meaning of the famous novel title “All calm on the Western Front”. When you wake up, you think that everything is calm. But someone dies out there.

Sweden prepared to do more

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tobias Billström also indicated that they will increase support. Sweden has already promised the Ukrainians 10 Leopard 2 tanks, the Archer artillery system and 50 armoured personnel carriers.

We have done a lot. We are prepared to do more, says Billström.

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