The Jordanian Council for Christian Churches has this month unanimously approved a draft law that gives Christian women and men equal inheritance rights, writes Coptic Solidarity.

One law for Christians and another for Muslims

The draft law will be sent to the government for approval and accreditation, but before that happens, Article 1086 of Jordan’s civil code must be amended so that it distinguishes between Christians and Muslims, otherwise the bill on equal inheritance rights between female and male Christians cannot be implemented, according to lawyer Yacoub Far:

Designation of heirs, determination of their shares in the estate and transfer of the estate are subject to the provisions of the Muslim Sharia.

According to Father, this law also covers Christians:

That is why we must have a change so that Christian denominations are given the freedom to apply their own laws.

The draft law contains a clause that gives Christians the right to block male relatives’ inheritance rights if they have no sons.

Protection from distant male relatives

Christian families without sons have had to undergo many “protective” procedures – for example, transferring property to their daughters to ensure that distant male relatives do not run away with the inheritance after their death.

Once the draft law has been approved by the government, it will go through legal procedures before being sent to parliament for debate, approval and finally a royal decree.

According to a 2022 report, Christians make up 2.1 percent of Jordan’s population.

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