The leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, believes that the cultivation of so-called multiculturalism must end. In a debate article, he calls this a nightmare for Sweden.

In an article in Expressen, Sweden’s second largest newspaper, SD leader Jimmie Åkesson fires shots against the predicament he believes the country has fallen into as a result of a headless immigration policy.

According to Åkesson, Sweden used to be a good and safe society with completely unique values in many ways, but the politicians have managed to destroy this in a relatively short time.

The result is nothing less than a nightmare, he believes.

The politicians’ dream of a multicultural Sweden has been prioritised above all else and has today become the people’s nightmare.

Sweden must now do away with the multicultural experiment, writes Jimmie Åkesson (SD).

He talks about the safe, well-developed welfare society Sweden that existed only a few decades ago:

During the latter part of history, Sweden has been known as the calm, safe, purple country in the north. We have a beautiful, varied nature with everything from forests and mountains to lakes, archipelagos and open landscapes. The Swedish people have had an outstanding sense of unity and have been able to gather around a rich and multifaceted common culture with prominent artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Sweden has been a prominent example in the world with an innovative and competitive economy driven by entrepreneurship, research and development. Unfortunately, this is no longer a matter of course.

Today, this image has been more or less turned upside down, claims Åkesson:

Regardless of where in the country you are, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are on the right or the left of the political scale, I am convinced that you have seen a radical change in our country and Swedish society in recent years.

From having been one of the world’s most culturally homogeneous societies, and one of the world’s safest countries, we have in a short time gone to become the country in Europe where tensions and polarisation today are the greatest.

Hardly a day goes by without us reading in the media about a new shooting, a new murder, or a new explosion. Violence and drugs have also crept further down the ages.

Now he believes that the time has come to take a thorough account of a development that has been completely traced by:

Sweden must now do away with the multicultural experiment.

The development did not happen by chance, but is the result of a decades-long persistent political assault on Swedish society and the Swedish people. The politicians’ dream of a multicultural Sweden has been prioritised above all else, and has today become the people’s nightmare.

It is about immigration policy, writes Åkesson:

Without a thought for the consequences, the ruling politicians have pushed people from all corners of the earth into the Swedish suburbs, which today are characterised by segregation and exclusion, unemployment and crime, as well as all that this entails.

The blame for this naturally lies with the politicians who sang the praises of multiculturalism and who denied the social development that the Sweden Democrats had been warning about for so long.

He points out that people had warned along the way, but had been totally silenced. But now most people have realised the reality, he says:

Instead of listening to the warnings, they have shot the messenger and smeared us with ugly words.

With a knife to their throats, however, the other parties have been forced to swing on the issue of immigration policy.

Whether they are genuinely convinced that mass immigration is harmful to Sweden and our society, or whether they have only been forced to turn the issue around to prevent voter flight to the Sweden Democrats, remains to be seen.

Political breakdown

Åkesson uses strong words about what other politicians have done:

The legacy of Fredrik Reinfeldt, Stefan Löfven and Magdalena Andersson is an almost complete political disaster.

Reversing societal trends will not be easy. It will take several years and require strong political measures, but we are ready to do what is required. Sweden must now do away with the multicultural experiment.

For Magdalena Andersson and her friends in the left bloc, it must be about musical diversity and exotic cuisine.

For me, however, it is clear that multiculturalism leads to reduced welfare, division, conflicts and crime.

We eill take back control of immigration

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