Japan participates in the sanctions regime against Russia and is now announcing a tightening as the G7 meeting called for. But Japan says nothing about its relationship with China having changed. Japan has major economic interests in trade with China.

In coordination with the other G7 countries, Japan will freeze the assets of 78 groups and 17 individuals, including military personnel in Russia, and ban exports to 80 Russian individuals and companies such as military-affiliated research centres, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Japan will also ban the provision of construction and engineering services to Russia.

In addition to the sanctions, Japan also condemned Russia’s agreement with Belarus on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, which became known on Thursday.

By tightening the screws on Russia and keeping quiet about China, the G7 shows weakness. China is circling Taiwan, just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Western sanctions systems are studied and looked for weak points. For China, the sanctions are an attack on national sovereignty. It will never participate in a regime that will force an alliance partner to its knees.

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