The Islamic regime in Iran plans shortly to execute 22 people sentenced to death, among them six women. This is stated by the human rights organisation Iran Human Rights (IHR).

The 22 have been sentenced to death for murder and drug-related crimes and are held in waiting cells at two prisons in Isfahan. According to IHR head Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, IHR is an Oslo-based human rights organisation focused on conditions in Iran.

One of the women who has been told that she will shortly be executed, Samira Abbasi, is said to have been married off as a minor. It is not known what she has been sentenced to death for.

According to the IHR, Iran has executed 223 people sentenced to death in the first months of the year alone. The regime’s brutality has shocked human rights organisations from around the world.

The IHR believes that this is just the beginning and that the Islamic dictatorship of Iran could have a particularly cruel year in 2023:

If the international community does not take serious steps to stop the Iranian killing machine, hundreds will fall victim to it in the coming months, says Amiry-Moghaddam.

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