Hunter Biden was ordered by a judge in Arkansas to put his cards on the table about his financial situation and make a sworn statement in June, before the court in July will decide on the amount he pays in child support.

That could mean Hunter has to reveal who he sells art to and how much they pay.

According to CNN, he pays $20,000 a month in entertainment fees for four-year-old Navy Sanders. The Bidens will not even acknowledge the child, even though paternity has been established by DNA test.

The Bidens have no sympathy for rejecting a child they are actually related to.

Dana Lasch said on Jesse Watters last night that the Bidens are white trash. Without honour, pitiful.

Hunter’s active opposition to the mother may cost the Bidens dearly.

The media consistently calls her the stripper, while they couldn’t get enough of porn star Stormy Daniels.

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