In a new party poll, the Conservative Party and FrP get 85 out of 169 mandates in the Storting. – These are incredible figures for the Conservative Party, says party leader Erna Solberg.

The Conservative Party stands out as the country’s largest party by far, rising 2.5 percentage points to 34.1 percent in Norstat’s May poll. Conducted for Vårt Land and Dagbladet.

NTB reports.

The FrP also registered a jump forward (+2.1 percentage points), although the party leadership is unlikely to be satisfied with 11.9 percent level of support.

So the two bourgeois parties get a total of 85 mandates in the Storting, and they would have been able to form a majority government alone if the poll had been the election result. They would not be dependent on parties such as Venstre and KrF.

Conservative leader Erna Solberg is very happy with the result

These are incredible figures for the Conservative Party, but there is still a long time until the election, she says.

It is two years and just over three months until the next general election, but the municipal elections are only a few months away.

The Labor Party and the Center Party both have four times as many mayors as the Conservative Party around the country, and that has a lot to say in a local election. I am prepared for it to become more even over time, says Solberg.

At the same time, the Labor Party fell by 0.9 percentage points to 18.4 percent in the survey. Støre’s party seems to have established itself on values well below 20 percent, which would have been almost unthinkable a couple of years ago.

The biggest fall of the parliamentary parties is nevertheless MDG, which drops 1 point to 3.8 percent. The party’s visit above the threshold in the previous poll was therefore very short-lived.

The relatively new party INP, surprised with a very good result last time (3.6 per cent), is now back to reality with only 1.6 percent support, a decline of 2 percentage points.

The category Other also declines markedly, so the lost voters for INP have not moved to other, smaller parties.

The result for other parties (change from April poll in brackets):

Red 5.3 (-0.1), SV 9.1 (+0.3), Sp 5.2 (+0.2), KrF 3.4 (+0.6), V 4.7 (+ 0.7), Others 2.4 (-1.6).

The survey was carried out from 15 to 19 May among 1,000 people. Margins of error are not stated.

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