Hope for Germany: The issue of migration is rising for the left
Arnt Jensvoll 04/05/2023 11:59

Oberbürgermeister in Tübingen, Boris Palmer is calling for a radical overhaul of Germany’s failed migration policy to prevent voters from drifting to the right. Photo: Björn Láczay, Wikimedia Commons

A group of politicians from the left-wing party Die Grünen are calling for a radical change to Germany’s “failed migration policy”.

Afraid voters are going to the right

In the document Memorandum für eine andere Migrationspolitik in Deutschland, they warn against voter flight to the right if citizens continue to lose their sense of security and if migrants are not perceived to be truly integrated into society.

With migration continuing to set records and immigrants set to cost taxpayers more than €36 billion by 2023, they warn of serious social consequences.

Society will explode

One of the signatories of the memorandum is Tübingen’s long-standing green mayor Boris Palmer. His vote in many ways carries more weight than that of many others because of his popularity and party affiliation:

– If we use all of society’s resources on the new arrivals, there is nothing left for the local population, then this society will explode.

“Certified” member of the left wing

Palmer is not only very popular, he is also a “certified” member of the left wing. He cannot be rejected with moral contempt and brown-labelling in the same way as migration critics from the “extreme right”, for example Alternativ fur Deutschland.

But Boris Palmer has repeatedly provoked his party mates and has tried to be excluded from the party. In a compromise, his party membership was suspended for the rest of the year. At a migration conference in Frankfurt on Friday, he provoked again by using the N-word several times.

Does not accept politicisation of the language

N’en in this case stands for “negro”, an old term for black people that has been loaded with racist material by political activists and declared useless.

In a Twitter clip, Palmer is drowned out by protesters when he tries to explain his choice of words by saying that he does not accept the politicisation of language.

Support from the Association of Municipalities

According to Handelsblatt, the Greens’ politicians receive support from Gerd Landsberg, head of the German Association of Municipalities:

We need a change in migration policy, to ensure social acceptance. It includes more effective integration, clearer communication with those who arrive and active participation from the asylum seekers.

Germany takes the brunt

Landsberg, who is a member of the conservative CDU, believes that Germany bears the main European burden for immigration:

The principle in Europe must be a fair distribution of the migration burden, but also that the external borders must be effectively protected. This is also indispensable if we are to retain the population’s acceptance.


The Greens’ articulated motivation for changing the migration policy is interesting: if it is not done, citizens’ insecurity could lead to a flight of voters to the right. Not that citizens’ security must be restored. It is positive, however, that the citizens’ insecurity is recognised within the left that otherwise willingly sacrifices its own people on the altar of globalism.

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