Hong Kong continues to show that the city today belongs to the totalitarian Chinese regime. Now the authorities have taken care to remove books with so-called unhealthy ideas from the libraries.

Hong Kong must not recommend books with unhealthy ideas, states the head of the city’s authorities. The statement comes after a number of books have been removed from libraries in the partially self-governing Chinese city.

Among other things, books with a comic strip that often deals with the relationship between Hong Kong and the rest of China have been removed during the past week.

It is moving towards full censorship and a totalitarian government in Hong Kong as well, contrary to the agreement that was concluded with Great Britain when China took over control of Hong Kong in 1997.

NTB-AFP reports.

Some journalists have carried out a review of which books are now actually in the libraries. It turned out that books dealing with the killings of protesters in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989 and other political topics had disappeared.

We must not recommend books that are illegal, in breach of copyright regulations or that contain unhealthy ideas, says John Lee, the head of the city authorities.

He adds that the books in the city’s public libraries are the ones recommended to the residents.

The comic strip that can no longer be found in the libraries, drawn by Wong Kei-kwan, has also been removed from one of the city’s newspapers.

A book here and a newspaper there, the freedom of the people of Hong Kong is being removed bit by bit.

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